SINOTRUK - Service Center in Samutsakorn

New Service Center near by Phetkasem road Phutthamonthon sai 4 is now ready for services. With high standard equipments and well trained technicians; we are ready to repair all type of Sinotruk vehicles.  Plenty of spare parts are available.

DB SINOTRUK Service Center

SINOTRUK - The New Revolution of Transportation Machine

For many decades, SINOTRUK is the symbol of the National Truck of China with high success in manufacturing and sales of nearly two hundreds thousands trucks a year. Majority of these trucks are used internally in China while the popular Japanese brands are exported worldwide. Nevertheless, the production quantity for China market alone is almost double that of some popular Japanese truck manufacturers exporting worldwide.

Sinotruk Hoyun StockSinotruk CNG จาก ไซโนทรัค ประเทศไทย

Sinotruk Spare Parts in Bangkok อะไหล่พร้อมบริการไซโนทรัค ที่ท่าเรือ

Nowadays, millions of SINOTRUK trucks operated in China have long been the best proof of popularity and durability as accepted in China market. SINOTRUK is the heavy duty truck brand belonging to China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation or CHHTC, one of the Chinese largest heavy duty truck manufacturers. It is the symbol of National Truck of China and is statistically the best-selling Number One exported heavy-duty truck brand in China. On the import side among China made trucks in Thailand, SINOTRUK always has the biggest import quantity for so many years until now. No other brand has ever come close.

DBG - The Professional Importer and Distributor of Mechanical Engineering Products

Diamond Brothers Group (DBG) has long experience in distribution and support of gasoline and diesel engines from USA and Europe for over 20 years. With solid background in mechanical engineering products, we are entering the Truck market with confidence. We are the authorized exclusive distributor of SINOTRUK model HOYUN and the new HOHAN which is scheduled to debut in 2013 from CNHTC. This exclusivity, however, does not  prevent us from selling other truck models from CNHTC such as HOWO whenever we consider suitable. We are not a logistics or transportation company who buys the truck for its own use and resell the trucks as a sideline business. Our customers can be assured of our dedication in developing and supporting SINOTRUK products in Thailand.

 DB Sinotruk Console

DBG management and team have mechanical and industrial engineering background from the best university in Thailand. With further study in management from the United States and China, our management can communicate in English and Chinese well with Chinese factory management and engineers. The combination of good engineering background, long experience in mechanical product distribution and support, and the capability of good communication in both English and Chinese with our supplier makes cooperation and support of SINOTRUCK product from the factory to our customers smooth and effortless. There is no barrier for both technicality and language. Our customers can be confident in our support for SINOTRUK products.

Our management and engineers work closely with the factory to give feedback for improvement of HOYUN quality by changing the components to suit Thailand working conditions and environments. We have strong support from HOYUN team of CNHTC allowing us to select better components suitable for Thai market. With approval from factory engineering department, we are allowed to change any problematic components to the better brand and quality. For some reasons, this improvement is very slow and component changes, in most cases, are not easily allowed for other SINOTRUK models. Our SINOTRUK is not the same as the other SINOTRUK sold in Thailand. Our DBG SINOTRUK is on the constant journey of improvement.

SINOTRUK HOYUN ULTIMATE is only available from DBG ..... We have all types of truck such as Tractor, Tipper, Dump, Cargo and Concrete Mixer Truck.

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