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Fleet Management
+ asset tracking
+ track and monitor employees
+ stop on-job moonlighting
+ recoup time and money
+ increased productivity
+ decreased fuel usage
+ Charleston, SC installed GPS on waste removal fleet

Construction Equipment Owners
+ active management vehicles
+ anti-theft support
+ increased productivity
+ decreased fuel costs
+ large machines require specific up and down times

Car Rental Management
+ asset management
+ rental vehicles easily tracked
+ boundary violations
+ coordinate vehicle maintenance/service
+ remote door lock/unlock
+ recover stolen vehicles

gps tracking

Welcome to Simtex Security System  Ltd.we will offer a new the way tracking your car for you

+ real-time stolen vehicle location
+ enable/disable starter
+ satellite tracking
+ alarm functions
+ fast vehicle recovery
+ insurance discount

Individual Applications
+ lock/unlock doors
+ remote start engine
+ low battery notification
+ oil change notification
+ low battery alert
+ power management

Parents of teen drivers
+ monitor speed
+ boundary notification
+ peace of mind

track your kid

Stop! Thief!
 When your vehicle is broken into, stolen,
or has not been returned on time,
you are left with the question "WHERE IS IT?"
This question is easily answered when you 
have a SIMTEX AVL system installed
in your vehicle
     If your vehicle alarm is tripped and 
you can't hear the siren do you believe 
that there is someone who really cares 
and will call police ?  The fact is that 
most people don't, and think its just 
another annoying false alarm.  Ask 
yourself how many times in a day you
 hear an alarm going off and you get 
involved by calling the police.
Saving can be made immediately with       checks on:       
• Drivers' hours
• Unauthorized usage of vehicles
•Diversion from normal route
•Cost effective job allocation
•Elimination of "foreigners

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