Fatigued and stressed out? Treat yourself to the ultimate power treatment with coffee pads. Gently stimulating green coffee and micro-algae give your complexion a vitalizing energy kick. After a relaxing shoulder and neck massage, as well as stimulation of the energy points, you enjoy the effect of the Aroma Foot Wrap with coffee pads. After skin-specific cleansing of face, throat, décolleté and bust, skin is pampered with a concentrate and the a-Energizing Formula Refreshing Gel Concentrate. A highlight of this treatment is the special massage of face, throat, décolleté and bust, performed mainly with the knuckles. The treatment concludes with an eye and lip mask, a moisturizing mask which also pampers the bust, and the skin-specific a-Energizing Formula concluding care. New resilience for your skin, a radiant look – you feel young, and stay young!

Treatment duration: 65 minutes





Alpha-Energizing Coffee Treatment