Chill out, tank up new energy for a feeling of serenity and happiness. Treat yourself to the legendary mystic powers of the aquamarine. After a gentle, highly effective micro-dermabrasion, a deep skin cleansing and a moisture concentrate, the gentle massage with rock crystal rods is the highlight of this treatment. The massage stimulates skin energy flow, activates microcirculation and stimulates the purification process. After an intensive Moisture Mask and the Royal Aquamarine Formula concluding care, you enjoy the pleasure of silky-soft skin. The Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment bestows inner and outer balance, and leaves your skin looking finer and radiantly beautiful.

Treatment duration: 90 minutes


See Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment, without deep cleansing and mask. Ideally suited as spa treatment.

Treatment duration: 35 minutes





Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment



Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment