Now and then a woman must simply think of no one but herself.  To treat devitalized skin to a little extra care.  Or to forget the stress.  Then itís time for a visit to your BIODROGA esthetician.  And for one of our facial treatments Ė from the quick Basic Treatment, all the way to the intensive care performance of a Thermo Effect Treatment.

Or you may opt for one of the fantastic SPA SENSATION Wellness Treatments that are such a heavenly treat for your body.
         Facial Treatments
 Biodroga Systems Beauty Treatment
 Purifying Treatment
 Clarifying Algae Treatment
 Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment
 Alpha-energizing Coffee Treatment
 Lift Your Skin Treatment
 Relaxing Treatment
 Regenerating Thermo Treatment
 Golden Caviar Treatment
 Age Performance Treatment
 Medic Skin Sensitive Treatment
         Spa Treatments
 Balancing Aroma Treatment
 Detoxifying Wrapping Treatment
 Shaping Anti-Cellulite Treatment
 Firming Aroma Algae Treatment
 Nourishing Milk & Honey Treatment
 Pure Cashmere & Silk Treatment
 Ayus Lomi
 Men Sensation