Take time for your daily morning and evening cleansing ritual.  To feel clean and well-groomed.  And to prime your skin for subsequent care.  The various cleansing products are chosen depending on your skin type, regardless of your personal Biological Beauty Care System.

The first step toward well-groomed skin:

Milky Cleanser for normal skin
Deep Gel Cleanser for normal to oily skin
Cleansing Oil for sensitive and dry skin
Cleansing Foam for all skin types

To clarify skin after cleansing:

Lotion -mild- for dry and sensitive skin
Toner for oily skin and combination skin

For regular in-depth cleansing:

Facial Exfoliator with AHA fruit acids
Facial Peeling -mild-
Antiperspirant – Roll-on Deodorant without fragrance or alcohol
Eye Make up Remover Pads -oil-free-