Hotel Proximity Smart Lock

The system contains : the completed lock,
keycard ,Software, Encoder, handheld device
for audit trailwhen you order the lock , please
select the model No . (DB900L, DB900DXL), and
the finish (- see below)as well as the right handle
and left handle lock quantity

SL900 Tech Specification:

proximity maximum distance : 4cm
status power consumption:< 18uA
Proxmity card: Temic 5557 (125KHZ)
most advanced technology : main processor -
Texas instrument Inc. MSP430 , 16 bit instead
of 8 bit,integrated flash memorizer instead
of traditional EEPROM Dual power support,
recover protected electrocircuit,
low consumption 4 X AA Alkaline batteries
(1 year life).
Weight: 3.1kgs (approx)
Working temp.: 0℃~+70℃
working humidity: 20%~80%
Audit opening records:254
Metal override system.L
ock management software: English version
for win98 and upoperating system
Suitable for door thickness 38~55mm,
distance: >112mm
Proximity Card Smart Lock