Automatic slide door

  Automatic slide door introduction automatic slide door offers the quite smooth door access, with unique designs of lower noise, lower power maintenance, and self-cleaning mechanism ect, it has owned a good reputation among our customers both home and abroad


The micro computerized controller which using advanced technology can check door conditions well and fast, setting the best circulating parameters to make door in best condition, it has memory and correcting function.

Self-cleaning mechanism
The top edge of the hanger block is equipped with a brush that cleans the rail each time the door opens and close, thus keeping the rail free from dust and dirt. This protects the guiding wheels and prolongs the life of your door.
Simtex automatic doors promise smooth operation even in the dustiest of environments.

Simtex sensor is incorporated with the advanced signal processing circuitry and industry leading optional system, it provides superior reliability and safety.Close if switch on: Open if switch off